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Text with People's Action!!!!

**Come join People's Action and our *people-powered* organizations to send texts to members of our communities to mobilize them. It's an amazing and historic time to be organizing for racial justice, economic justice, and progressive politics.** Our textbanks amplify the work being done by the movements leading the candidates, organizations, and causes we are supporting. Each textbank will begin with a 30-40 minute training and grounding. This will be followed by a live DJ/artist. We will then listen to the live artist while texting. For the last 20 minutes, we do a group debrief and unpacking. Once you register, you will receive a set of instructions and necessary steps to do before joining the textbank. Please email us if you do not receive that!

5 events between December 1 and December 29.
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People's Action Deep Canvass Phonebank to Win Georgia!

**We defeated Trump because of the work you put in over the past several months to make over 9 million deep canvass calls and move voters towards Biden at a rate of 49%!** Now we need each of you to join our Deep Canvass program to ensure that we win the Senate seats in GA. # Our Deep Canvass to Flip the Senate Phonebanks: - **Join us Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday** for our Deep Canvass Phonebanks to **flip 2 Senate seats in Georgia** which will determine control of the Senate! - Flipping these seats is our pathway to a unified government through which we can organize to win comprehensive COVID Relief, Healthcare for All, a Green New Deal, College for All, and a Homes Guarantee! - Each phonebank will begin with a detailed training from our amazing organizers about deep canvassing and how to phonebank and then they will stay on Zoom with you in order to answer any questions you have in real time! In Love and Solidarity, People's Action National Organizing Team

17 events between November 29 and January 5.
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People's Action Deep Dive into Deep Canvassing!

Join the People's Action Family for a deep dive into some deep canvassing skills which are how we have **deep canvass conversations that are proven to be 102X more effective than traditional canvassing!** These skills will be critical as we head into our post-election phase of deep canvassing **focusing on the Georgia Run-Off Elections and COVID Relief!** ## Deep Dive into Deep Canvassing: - We will focus on the core persuasion skills of deep canvassing with some of the top deep canvass trainers in the country! - On **Monday, December 7th** we will dive into what is deep canvassing, what it has achieved and training on the critical deep canvass skills of building rapport and compassionate curiosity! - On **Tuesday, December 8th** we will dive further into the deep canvassing skills of personal stake stories, assertiveness, and redirecting conversations!

  • Monday, December 7 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday, December 8 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Student Action: Georgia Get Out the Vote!! [For Student Volunteers and Young Volunteers]

STUDENT ACTION TEXT AND PHONE BANKS: FOR STUDENT VOLUNTEERS AND YOUNG VOLUNTEERS. Join Student Action for text banks and phone banks to talk to student voters in Georgia about the upcoming Senate Run Off Elections.

  • Thursday, December 3 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Fight for Free College Mass Trainings

Join students from around the country to participate in mass training centered around a shared grounding in, understanding of, and commitment to our vision of Free College for All. This is not just a fight, but our fight. Join us and bring friends!

  • Monday, December 14 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Monday, January 11 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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